HACS Bookstore – Spring 2014 Term

Spring 2014 Semester:

NOTE: Please check the course syllabus for other required materials not listed on this page or in the bookstore.

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Church History

CH 325 The Catholic Response to World War II (Prof. Heather Voccola)

NOTE FOR CH 325: Additional readings/resources as required listed in the weekly lesson; available for Free on the Internet

CH 664 Judaism through Catholic Eyes (Prof. Roy Schoeman)

CH 706 Early Christian Popular Literature (Fr. Gregory Lockwood)

NOTE FOR CH 706: Other required texts are available. online.

CH 711 Church History II  (Fr. Peter Kucer, MSA) ON CAMPUS ONLY

CH 901  American Church History (Sr. Dolores Liptak, RSM, PhD) ON CAMPUS ONLY

Educational Technology

ED 210 Principles of Instructional Design (Dr. Mary Beckmann)

NOTE FOR ED 210: Items will be provided through Populi for FREE

ED 215 Ethics of Educational Technology (Prof. David Harrison)

NOTES FOR ED 215 : Alliance for Childhood. (2004). Tech tonic: Towards a new literacy of technology. College Park, MD: Alliance for Childhood. PDF version available for free HERE.

Code of Ethics for Catholic School Educators (1999) National Catholic Educational Association. Arlington, VA: NCEA is available HERE.

 History in the Social Sciences 

 HIST 102 Western Civilization II (Prof. Steven Schultz)

HIST 102 Western Civilization II ( Fr. Peter Kucer MSA) ON CAMPUS ONLY

PSY 101 Psychology (Dr. Angelyn Arden) ON CAMPUS ONLY


HUM 103 Humanities in the Ancient World (Fr. Peter Kucer, MSA)

HUM 104: Humanities of the Early Christian and Medieval Ages (Dr. Angelyn Arden) ON CAMPUS ONLY

NOTE FOR HUM 104: All required reading available online.

LA 103 Research and Writing (Prof. Jason Braun)

LA 115 Novel, Short Story and Non-Fiction Writing (Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, O.P. & Dr. Ronda Chervin)

LA 115 Novel, Short Story and Non-Fiction Writing (Dr. Angelyn Arden) ON CAMPUS ONLY

LA 211 Ecclesiastical Latin II ( Dr. Philippe Yates)

NOTE FOR LA 211:HPV Nunn, An Introduction to Ecclesiastical Latin, may be downloaded free  HERE.

LIT 205 Fine Arts; Renaissance to the Present (Dr. Alphonso Pinto) ON CAMPUS ONLY

LA 221 Biblical Greek II (Prof. John Hornyak, PhD Candidate)

Liturgy & Sacred Music

LIT 614 Eucharistic Liturgy of the Western Church (Fr. Dennis Kolinski, SJC)

LIT 621 Baptism, Confirmation and RCIA (Dr. John Joy) 

Pastoral Studies

PS 665 Parish Administration (Fr. Luis Luna, MSA) ON CAMPUS ONLY

NOTE FOR PS 665: Canonical and Pastoral Guide for Parishes, Canadian Edition is available HERE.

PS 805 Fundamentals of Pastoral Theology (Fr. Dominic Anaeto)

Pastoral Theology

PST 635 ‘Holy, Fallen and Redeemed:’ A Theological Study of Catholic Spiritual Identity & Faith Formation (Prof. Marc Tumenski)


PHL 201 Philosophy of Nature (Cosmology) [Sr. Mary Veronica Sabelli] ON CAMPUS ONLY


St. Thomas Aquinas, On the Principles of Nature, trans. Gyula Klima (Philosophy Department, Fordham University). Available at http://www3.nd.edu/~afreddos/papers/Aquinas-principlesofnature-klima.htm (also provided as handout)

Michael J. Dodds, O.P., The Philosophy of Nature, (paperback or e-book), available at http://www.lulu.com/shop/michael-j-dodds/the-philosophy-of-nature/paperback/product-12200800.html

Michael J. Dodds, O.P., “Top Down, Bottom Up or Inside Out? Retrieving Aristotelian Causality in Contemporary Science.” Paper given at the Thomistic Institute of the Jacques Maritain Center of Notre Dame University, July 25, 1997. Available at http://www3.nd.edu/Departments/Maritain/ti/dodds.htm (also provided as handout)

Keck, John W., “The Natural Motion of Matter in Newtonian and Post-Newtonian Physics,” TheThomist 71 (2007): 529-554 (handout)

Robert Sokolowski, “Formal and Material Causality in Science,” Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, vol. 69 (1995), pp. 57-67 (handout)

PHL 402 Ethics (Dr. Maciej Bazela)

PHL 414 Epistemology (Dr. Philippe Yates)

NOTES FOR PHL 414: K.T. Gallagher. The Philosophy of Knowledge. New York:Fordham Univ Press, 1986. Available free HERE.

Encyclopedia Britannica article: “Epistemology”. The article is available HERE Note: Student may have to sign up for free trial. Please cancel trial membership after downloading this article.

PHL 415 Philosophy of God (Dr. Ronda Chervin)

NOTE FOR PHL 415: McInerny, D.Q., Natural Theology (Elmhurst, Pennsylvania: The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, 2005 can be ordered HERE.

PHL 615 Nicomachean Ethics (Dr. Richard Geraghty)

PHL 627 Logic & Epistemology (Dr. Philippe Yates)

NOTE FOR PHL 627: K.T. Gallagher. The Philosophy of Knowledge. New York:Fordham Univ Press, 1986. Available free HERE.

PHL 705 Modern Philosophy (Dr. Randall Colton)

PHL 716 Edith Stein (Dr. John Finley)

PHL 725 Philosophy of Nature (Dr. Timothy Smith)

STP 615 Dante’s Divine Comedy: Thomistic Philosophy in Narrative  (Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, O.P.)

Philosophical Theology 

PHTH 500 Nature of Lov(Dr. Ronda Chervin)

PHTH 515 — Metaphysics of Intellect and Love (Sr. Mary Veronica Sabelli) ON CAMPUS ONLY


Excerpts from various works of St. Thomas Aquinas: the Summa Theologiae, the Quaestiones Disputatae de Veritatae, the Summa Contra Gentiles, and others. These are available online (links will be provided) and at the HACS library stacks (circulating volumes).

The following are also available in the Reference section at the HACS library:

St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae: BX 1729 .T48

St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa contra Gentiles: BX 1749 .T414

St. Thomas Aquinas, Quaestiones disputate de Veritate: BD 150 .T513

The sources will also be provided as handouts in class.

PHTH 600 Philosophy for Theologians (Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P.)

PHTH 608 The Gospel of Life and the Culture of Death  (Dr. Donald DeMarco)

PHTH 616 Authentic Virtue & Personalism (Dr. Don DeMarco)

Sacred Scripture

SS 602 The Gospel of Matthew (Fr. William Mills)

NOTE FOR SS 602: Scott Hahn Gospel of Matthew (12 CD Set, St. Joseph Communications can be ordered HERE.

SS 603 The Gospel of Mark (Dr. Emilio Chavez)

NOTE FOR SS 603: All readings are free and provided by the professor.

SS 654 Wisdom Literature (Fr. Randy Soto)

SS 660 Prophetic Literature (Dr. Emilio Chavez)

SS 668 Paul’s Prison Letters (Fr. William Mills)

SS 704 Synoptic Gospels (Fr. Randy Soto)

NOTE FOR SS 704: Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J., Instruction Concerning the Historical Truth of the Gospels is free  HERE.

SS 706 Letter to the Romans (Fr. William Mills)

NOTE FOR SS 706: Fr. Frank Matera,  St. Paul’s Letters Series: Romans, 3-CD set is available HERE.

Dogmatic Theology

STD 525 Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist (Fr. Bernard Mulcahy, OP) ON CAMPUS ONLY

STD 619 Patristics (Dr. Alphonso Pinto) ON CAMPUS ONLY

NOTE FOR STD 619:  Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest.  “Gregorian Chant CD: Passio Domini” is available HERE.

STD 624 Norms of Catholic Doctrine (Dr. Cynthia Toolin)

NOTE FOR STD 624: All course materials can be accessed for FREE on the internet

STD 629 Liturgical History (Dr. Daniel Van Slyke)

STD 701 Creation and Eschatology (Dr. Alphonso Pinto) ON CAMPUS ONLY

STD 707  One and Triune God (Dr. Cynthia Toolin)

NOTE FOR STD 707: The Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas. Free at this link thanks to New Advent:http://www.newadvent.org/summa/

STD 708 Angels, Demons, Deliverance, and Exorcism (Dr. Daniel Van Slyke)

STD 802 Ecclesiology/Ecumenism (Dr. Cynthia Toolin)

STD 802 Ecclesiology/Ecumenism (Fr. Bernard Mulcahy, OP) ON CAMPUS ONLY

STD 901 Christology (Dr. Cynthia Toolin)

NOTE FOR STD 901: All course materials can be accessed for FREE on the internet

STD 905 Priesthood and Celibacy (Fr. Bernard Mulcahy, OP) ON CAMPUS ONLY

STD 911 History of Christian Spirituality (Prof. Kristina Olsen, Ph.D. Cand.)

Moral Theology 

STM 620 Fundamental Moral Theology I (Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P.)

STM 630ENG Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (Fr. Luis Luna, MSA)

STM 630SP Institutos de Vida Consagrada y Sociedades de Vida Apostolica  (Fr. Luis Luna, MSA)

STM 633 Morals & Psychology (Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P.)

NOTES FOR STM 633: Order the following direct from Holy Apostles:

Lecture series CD only (Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P.) Albertus Magnus Media, order direct from Holy Apostles $65
Anna A. Terruwe, MD & Conrad Baars, M.D Psychic Wholeness and Healing Order direct from Holy Apostles $23

The following books are all written by Dr. Conrad Baars and can all be purchased at the following link:  www.conradbaars.com/Baars-books.htm

Healing the Unaffirmed List price $ 13.95
Feeling and Healing Your Emotions List price $ 14.99
Doctor of the Heart List price $ 12.50
I Will Give Them a New Heart List price $18.95



STM 625 Bioethics (Dr. Elizabeth Rex) ON CAMPUS ONLY

STM 665D Case Studies & Applied Topics in Catholic Bioethics (Fr. Tad Pacholczyk)

NOTE FOR STM 665D: All materials provided by Fr. Tad

STM 670A Directed Study in Catholic Bioethics (Fr. Tad Pacholczyk)

NOTE FOR STM 670A:All materials provided by Fr. Tad


Canon Law 

STM 648 Ordinary Contentious Trial: Procedural Law (Msgr. James Ramacciotti)

STM 801 Canon Law II – Marriage (Fr. Luis Luna, MSA) ON CAMPUS ONLY

STM 802 Marriage Law (Dr. Philippe Yates)


Sacred Theology

STP 614 Spirituality & Asceticism (Fr. Luke Dysinger)

NOTE FOR STP 614: To be provided by the professor:  Required readings from The Rule of St. Benedict in Latin and English with Notes, (Liturgical Press).  Additional readings to be provided by the professor.


THL 100 Sacred Scripture (Dr. Daniel Van Slyke)

THL 201 Building Catholic Character (Prof. Matthew Menking)

THL 300 Moral Theology (Prof. Jacob Torbek)

THL 509 The Spirituality of Blessed John Paul II (Fr. Dennis Kolinski, SJC) ON CAMPUS ONLY

THL 511 The Catechism of the Catholic Church II (Prof. Steven Schultz/Dr. Cynthia Toolin)

THL 512 Apologetics (Prof. Patrick Madrid)

THL 514 Theology of the Body  (Fr. Augustine Ibok, SMP)

NOTE FOR THL 514: John Paul II’s Theology of the Body free HERE.